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To work in Indonesia you must have a working visa commonly known by everyone as a KITAS.To get a KITAS you must have a company that is willing to employ you and act as your sponsor. MPG supports you to get your Working Visa Bali.

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Working Visa Bali Kitas

With the Working Visa Bali Kitas you are only allowed to work for the sponsor; you cannot change your job and work for another company. If you do change your job to another company, then your KITAS becomes invalid and you will have to re-apply for a new KITAS with your new employer.

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Limited stay permit or common call KITAS is given to:

  1. Foreigners who enter the Indonesian territory with the limited stay visa (VITAS) or convert from a visit permit ( B211 index visa) for following purposes:
    • as investors;
    • as experts; (Index 312)
    • as clergy or clerics;
    • to enroll for education or training participants;
    • to conduct scientific research;
    • for reunion with a spouse who is a KITAS holder;
    • for reunion of children of a foreign national with his/her Indonesian national father and/or mother who have a legal family relationship;
    • for reunion of children under 18 year old and unmarried with his/her father and/or mother who are KITAS holders;
    • as a foreigner who formerly held Indonesian nationality; and
    • as a tourist over the age of 55 years. (Special condition apply to this category)
  2. A child who is born in Indonesian territory while his/her father and/or mother are KITAS holders.
  3. Ship captains,  crew or any foreign scientists working on a marine vessel, floating structure or installation operating in Indonesian waters and its jurisdiction according the laws. 
  4. Foreigners who are married with an Indonesian spouse
  5. Children of foreigners who are married with Indonesian spouse
  • Short Term Workers; The limited stay permits is required for foreigners for short-term-engagement.
  • Limited stay permit will expire due to:
    • Return to foreigner’s home country or another country with no intention of re-entering Indonesia
    • Return to foreigner’s home country and not re-entering Indonesia before the expiry date of re-entry permit
    • Obtaining Indonesian citizenship
    • Expiry of the permit date
    • Conversion of limited stay permit to permanent stay permit
    • Cancellation of the KITAS by the Minister or appointed immigration officer
    • Deportation; or
    • The event of decease of stay holder.

What type of company or entities can be a sponsor for a Working Visa Bali KITAS?
A Working Visa KITAS is sponsored by an Indonesian entity, this can include Indonesian owned PT. Locals, Foreign owned PMA companies, Foreign Representative Offices (KPPA), and formal or not for profit institutions (Yayasan).
As a Sponsors of the Working KITAS are legally responsible for the expatriate’s conduct during their stay in Indonesia.

How to apply?

According to the new Presidential Regulation No. 20 of 2018 concerning Utilization of Expatriates on March 26, 2018. This regulation is changing the previous Presidential Regulation No.72 of 2014 as has the same concerning as the new one (Presidential Regulation No.20/2018).
A Working Visa Bali KITAS is now applied for 6 weeks prior to the expatriate’s arrival in Indonesia. Jokowi administration is make new big step to reduce visa processing times, but as of today, there are 4 key steps towards obtaining a Working Permit and Working KITAS.
Please keep in your mind that during the KITAS process the applicant is not permitted to work

RPTKA (Rencana Penggunaan Tanaga (Kerja Asing)

Before getting a Working Visa Bali KITAS, we will need to obtain your RPTKA (employee employment plan) on behalf your company, Depending on the position you are applying for, it’s may need an Expose ( the interview by Skype will be required by a Man Power officer). The interview generally only last 5 minutes, therefore your company representative should be well prepared to answer the questions. Any questions that the administrator is unable to answer will result in delays in your Working Permit process. This interview is an important step towards determining if the duration of work granted.


The Manpower office will issue a payment notice ( billing code) for the Work Permit tax to be paid. We recommend paying this fee directly to the bank. After 7-14 working days of paying the workers tax, your work permit will be issued. This only could be apply when the RPTKA released.
A TELEX Visa is a calling visa which authorizes Indonesian Embassies abroad to issue a VITAS (Working Visa) and if the expatriates has a spouse or children, the dependents can apply for a TELEX visa for dependents. It is important to note that the TELEX for dependents can only be applied for after the expatriate’s TELEX is approved.The TELEX application is submitted to the Directorate General’s office in Jakarta. Once the TELEX visa is issued, the applicant and their family members can apply for the VITAS at the designated Indonesian Embassy abroad.
Embassy regulations differ from country to country. It is important to contact the Embassy representatives prior to your visit, to ensure you have all you need for the VITAS application.
Please Note :
1. The destination of the Indonesian Embassy to collect the telex visa and the Indonesian airports that will you come through after a telex visa picking up should certainly be sure, cannot be changed at any time, so it must be assured before the telex visa issued
2. The visa fees for working visa at the embassy will be paid before the telex visa released
3. The visa fees for dependents visa at the Indonesian Embassy must pay at the overseas Indonesian Embassy when picking up the visa abroad.

Working Visa Bali KITAS

Once you arrive back in Indonesia, the Immigration at the airport will take your picture and enroll your finger print then they will give you a small sticker on your passport regarding your kitas and multiple exit re-entry permit validity. 
For Family members will have a different way to process dependents KITAS, they not take picture and enroll fingerprint at the airport but at an Immigration office closest to your residence. They will not be able to leave until KITAS conversion process is complete.
Upon entry, family member have 30 days to apply for dependent’s KITAS. The process can be done at an Immigration office closest to your residence.

The application process involves a photo and interview session. The process from start to finish should take around 14 working days. Once the process is done, your passport will be returned, and an electronic KITAS will be sent to you.
The dependent KITAS will be valid according to your Working Visa Bali KITAS validity


From the Applicant

  1. Color Copy of passport (All pages). Passport should be valid for at least 2 years from the time of application.
  2. Recent color passport type photographs. The photograph must be taken on a plain red background, complying with Indonesian Immigration requirements. Sizes required 10 x photos 6 x 4 cm and 6 x photos 4 x 3 cm
  3. Color Copy of degree certificate from a university or Master. If the certificate is not in English, then a notarized translation of the certificate into English must be supplied
  4. Color Copy of CV including career history and personal contact details
  5. Name and contact information of family member to contact in the event of an emergency
  6. Job offer from the sponsoring company ( work contract)
  7. Copy of personal medical insurance
  8. Color Copy of Work reference from the old company

From the Sponsor

  1. Full color copy NPWP (Company tax card or certificate)
  2. Full color copy of TDP (Company registration)
  3. Full color copy of SIUP (Company license)capital of investment Minimum IDR 1.500.000.000
  4. Full color copy of KTP or ID of Director or authorized representative of the sponsoring company
  5. Full color copy of KTP or ID of 2 further employees of the sponsoring company
  6. A copy of latest filed Bentuk Laporan UU NO. 7 Tahun 1981 ( Latest company information filed with the government of Manpower)
  7. Full color copy of AKTA (Notarized company formation certificate)
  8. Full color copy of Pengesahan AKTA ( Government issued company formation certificate)
  9. Full color copy of Domisili of company from Banjar( Government issued certificate of companies registered address)
  10. 10 copies of company letterhead including official stamp and signature.

This is also to inform for the user of foreign workers in connection with the approval recommendation application for working visa wire (TA.01), especially the users whose the business line is : services, trading and consultants is conveyed as follows :

  • The line of business mentioned above generally do not absorb the job opportunities for Indonesian workers;
  • The position open for foreign workers for the line of business mentioned above based on the Decision of Manpower and Transmigration Minister No. 464 Year 2012 (*) is Advisor such as the Marketing Advisor, the Quality Control Advisor; accordingly work visa (TA. 01) will be given for 6 months;
  • The foreign worker for the engine installer (installation) position or the engine maintenance, which have a high school level of education, the Vocational High School and the Diploma with less than 5 years of working experience, will be given a recommendation of working visa (TA. 01) for the period of 6 months;
  • In relation to the matters mentioned above (Poin 3) , for the S1 (bachelor degree) and has more than 5 years of working experience in its relevant field, will be given a recommendation of working visa (TA. 01) with the period of 12 months according to the application submitted as long as it complies the requirements;
  • For the Directors and Managerial positions (positions of trusts by investors) are still given 12 months as long as it complies the requirements.

Thus, thank you for your attention in this matter.

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  • Standard Working Visa Bali KITAS + Multiple entry / exit permit: Price is available on request.
  • Visa Fee to the Indonesian Embassy: Price is available on request.
  • 12 Months Notification of the IMTA USD 1,200
  • 6 Months Notification of the IMTA USD 600

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