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The biggest benefit of the Investor Visa Bali is the ease of application and the waiver of the cumbersome and expensive work permit fees.  Previous to this, investors had to wait months on end, after making their initial investment, before being allowed to work.

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Investor Visa Bali Indonesia

This Investor Visa Bali is given to applicants who invest capital in a company in Indonesia and need to work in that.

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Investor Visa Bali Indonesia

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Generals about the Investor Visa Bali

The Indonesian Government just issued a new Presidential Regulation No. 20 of 2018 concerning Utilization of Expatriates on March 26, 2018. This regulation is changing the previous Presidential Regulation No.72 of 2014 as has the same concerning as the new one (Presidential Regulation No.20/2018).

This regulation was made on the basis of the need to re-regulate the license of use of foreign workers, which are expected to support the national economy and to expand employment opportunities through the increase investment.

Considering to this regulation, we will find some articles and clauses that are differences to the prior regulation (“Presidential Regulation No.72/2014”). the new Presidential Regulation No.20/2018 give advantages for the Foreign Investors to apply or get Investors KITAS

The implementation of this regulation is on October 2018, those who are currently financially vested in Indonesia have seen numerous positive sentiments that indicate the investment climate within Indonesia is significantly improving. One of these sentiments come with In this article, We will be providing a general overview, including a walk-through of the application process for the Investors KITAS.

The biggest benefit of the Investors KITAS is the ease of application and the waiver of the cumbersome and expensive work permit fees. Previous to this, investors had to wait months on end, after making their initial investment, before being allowed to work.

Prior to October 2018, it was necessary for Investors to apply for a Working KITAS (Index code 312), along with a working permit which US$1200/year. Working permits are no longer necessary for Investors that meet Investment requirements

There are two types of Investor’s KITAS;

  • the Index 313 has a validity of 12 months,
  • the INDEX 314 has a validity of 24 months,

and both comes with a multiple exit and re-entry permits.

How to apply for the Investor KITAS?


First we would like to inform you that since 13 of October 2020 * For the new regulation there are no telex visas anymore that was send to the Indonesian Embassy overseas. Due to the Covid pandemic, The Indonesian government introduced E-Visas to mitigate risk of spreading the virus. Visa fees to the government which were previously paid to the Embassy are now paid at the application stage in Indonesia. You  will get e-Visa. E-visa is a visa transformation from a visa label / sticker on your passport to an electronic form sent to your email address. So you don’t require collect the visa in person at Indonesian Embassy or representative overseas.

And during this pandemic when you are inside the country (Indonesia) and need to renew your visa, you are not need to leave the country, we can apply without leaving the country. It’s called Onshore Visa Application.


  1. To Obtain Investor KITAS the foreigner must register their company in Indonesia it’s called PMA company or command call Direct Foreign Investment Company, once your PMA company established, you may apply investor KITAS. For your note; you must have shares as required such as;
    a) As a shareholder and serves as a Director or Commissioner of the Company with the terms of Ownership of at least IDR.,00 (one billion rupiah) or the equivalent in United States Dollars stated in the deed ; o
    b) As a shareholder and not as a Director or Commissioner of the company provided that shareholder of at least IDR.,00 (one billion one hundred twenty-five million rupiah) or the equivalent in United States Dollars stated in the deed
  2. Provide all documentation relevant to process Investor KITAS, we will verify to ensure our application is successful such as:


    • Colour Copy of passport (All pages). Passport should be valid for at least 30 months  from the time of application. Make sure that you have minimum 3 blank pages on your passport for visa and KITAS stamp;
    • For Onshore visa application, If currently as a Social Budaya/Business Visa Holder the last visa stamp required;
    • If currently as a Kitas Holder EPO STAMP REQUIRED;
    • Recent Colour Passport type photographs;
    • Colour copy of CV including career  history , personal contact details;
    • Complete Vaccination certificate with QR CODE;
    • Heath insurance;
    • Signed Declaration;
    • Latest bank Statement;
    • Address in Bali/Indonesia;


    • Full colour copy NPWP of the PMA Company;
    • Full colour copy of TDP ( Company registration ) / NIB (Nomor Induk Berusaha) and all of the OSS licenses ( NIB, IZIN USAHA, IZIN LOKASI ETC);
    • Full colour copy of KTP or ID of Indonesian Director or Manager of the sponsoring company;
    • Full colour copy of Acta ( Notarized company formation certificate );
    • Full colour copy of pengesahan AKTA ( Government issued company formation certificate from AHU );
    • Company letterhead including official stamp and signature;
  1. After all documents completed, then all of the documents will be uploaded through Immigration system, once the E-visa approved that will send automatically to your email address and which will need to print them out;
  2. If you are outside the Indonesian Territory, You may now to enter Indonesia using E-Visa and no need to go to Indonesian embassy overseas. Upon your arrival in Indonesia, please contact us. We need your original passport because we have 30 days from your arrival in Indonesia to report to immigration for the conversion process from E-VITAS to E-KITAS. This process will take 15 working days;
    OR if you are inside the Indonesian territory please bring your original passport to us because we will have 7 days to report to the Immigration Office to convert your E-VITAS to E_KITAS;
  3. Upon your arrival to Indonesia, please submit your original passport to us because we need to convert your E-VITAS to Investor KITAS, the process will approximately take 10-14 working days.
  4. After we submit your passport to the Immigration office, we will get the schedule for photo session and finger print taken by Immigration officer and then wait for the final conversion;
  5. Once the VITAS Conversion done the E-KITAS will send to your Email address and ready to use to process STM or Police Certificate;
  6. Within 14 to 30 days after your KITAS issued and STM Issued you must register to Civil Government, whereby to obtain SKTT (Temporary Resident Letter) and you will have Temporary ID Number called NIK.
  7. After the process, you will receive your Investor KITAS which allows you to stay and manage your company in Indonesia.


One year Investor KITAS  and two year Investor KITAS: Price is available on request.
The fees include the recommendation letter needed from the Jakarta Investment board, multiple exit and re-entry permits, Immigration processing fees, a police registration and a domicile card for 1 year. Additional Embassy fees apply when picking up your visa abroad.

With attractively low tax tariffs and strong economic growth, it is easy to see why investors are steadily flocking to Indonesia to invest in 2019. We look forward to assisting you further with your Investor Visa Bali KITAS / Investor KITAP application.

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