Can Foreigners Work In Bali? – Everything You Need To Know

Can you, as a foreigner, get a job in Bali? The answer is yes, but to get a job to work legally in Bali is not as simple as you would think. Certain positions are open to foreigners here in Bali but they are very limited.

We’ll explain more below.

Can Foreigners Work In Bali?

There are jobs available for foreigners in Bali but not all jobs are open to foreigners. The Indonesian government is very strict on foreigners working in Bali or in Indonesia to protect the welfare of the local people.

According to the laws put in place by the  Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, foreigners are not allowed to do work that can be done by Indonesian citizens, for example as a shop assistant, a cashier or even as an accountant or HR manager. In short, foreigners are only allowed to work in positions that Indonesians are not able to fill.

Based on Ministerial Decree Manpower and Transmigration Number 40 Year 2012, foreigners are not allowed to work in the following positions:

  1. Direktur Personalia (Personnel Director)
  2. Manajer Hubungan Industrial (Industrial Relation Manager)
  3. Manajer Personalia (Human Resource Manager)
  4. Supervisor Pengembangan Personalia (Personnel Development Supervisor)
  5. Supervisor Perekrutan Personalia (Personnel Recruitment Supervisor)
  6. Supervisor Penempatan Personalia (Personnel Placement Supervisor)
  7. Supervisor Pembinaan Karir Pegawai (Employee Career Development Supervisor)
  8. Penata Usaha Personalia (Personnel Declare Administrator)
  9. Kepala Eksekutif Kantor (Chief Executive Officer)
  10. Ahli Pengembangan Personalia dan Karir (Personnel and Careers Specialist)
  11. Spesialis Personalia (Personnel Specialist)
  12. Penasihat Karir (Career Advisor)
  13. Penasihat Tenaga Kerja (Job Advisor)
  14. Pembimbing dan Konseling Jabatan (Job Advisor and Counseling)
  15. Perantara Tenaga Kerja (Employee Mediator)
  16. Pengadministrasi Pelatihan Pegawai (Job Training Administrator)
  17. Pewawancara Pegawai (Job Interviewer)
  18. Analis Jabatan (Job Analyst)
  19. Penyelenggara Keselamatan Kerja Pegawai (Occupational Safety Specialist)

Jobs Available To Foreigners In Bali, Indonesia:

Jobs that are available to foreigners in Bali and in Indonesia which are usually filled by foreigners would include:

  • General Manager at a 5-star hotel or similar
  • Resort or Villa Manager
  • English Teacher
  • Diving Instructor
  • Executive Chef or Head Chef
  • Positions in Real Estate or Interior Design
  • Positions in Embassies

If you’re not in any of the industries mentioned above, you could try setting up your own company here in Bali or apply for an Investor KITAS. If you’re a DJ or a performer, you could apply for an Artist KITAS.  Once you’ve obtained your Work, Investor or Artist KITAS, we can then help you to apply for your IMTA.

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