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Indonesia Introduces New Bridging Visa

Indonesia Immigration will soon be launching a new Bridging Visa targeted to foreigners who are transitioning from a Visit Visa to a Limited Stay Permit or a Permanent Stay Permit. The visa’s official date of launch is yet to be confirmed.

Without a Bridging Visa, all foreigners applying for a Stay Permit were previously required to leave Indonesian territory. With this new visa, you can stay in Bali or anywhere in Indonesia while your new visa is being processed and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won’t be sanctioned or charged for overstaying while you’re waiting.

What Is A Bridging Visa?

The new Indonesian Bridging Visa is also known as the Transitional Residence Permit. Like its name, it serves as a ‘bridge’ between your existing Visit Visa, and your new Limited Stay Permit, or Permanent Stay Permit. The Bridging Visa lets you stay in Bali and Indonesia while you’re waiting for your new visa to be completed without ever having to leave the country.

Visit Visas in this context would be Business Visa or Social Visit Visa, and Limited Stay Permits are Spouse KITAS, Work KITAS, Retirement KITAS and Investor KITAS, while Permanent Stay Permits are Permanent Residences or KITAP holders.

According to the Indonesian Immigration office, the new Bridging Visa is only valid for foreigners who are applying for a change of status from a Visit Visa to a Limited Stay Permit and a Permanent Stay Permit. It’s not applicable for those who are looking to upgrade from a Tourist Visa to a Visit Visa like a Business Visa or a Social Budaya Visa.

The new Bridging Visa is only valid for 60 days and can only be applied as an Onshore Visa. Do bear in mind that it is no longer valid once you leave Indonesian territory.

The Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, said: “Foreign nationals holding Visit Visas are now allowed to obtain Limited Stay Permits without having to leave Indonesian territory. Likewise, holders of Limited Stay Permits and Permanent Stay Permits that can no longer be extended, can obtain new Stay Permits without leaving Indonesian territory.”

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