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How To Use The Autogates At The Bali International Airport

You’ve read all about the new autogates at the Bali Ngurah Rai International airport, but how does it work, do you qualify and how would you use it?

In February 2024, the Indonesian immigration announced the launch of the autogates for immigration checks for both in arrivals and departures at the Bali airport. The use of the autogates is applicable for citizens of select countries only* and would require pre-registrations online via the official app before use.

Who Can Use The Autogates At The Bali Airport

Visitors with an electronic passport, an approved e-Visa and are at least 14 years of age are eligible to use the autogates facilities at the Bali airport.

Do note that citizens of ASEAN countries can access the autogates without an e-Visa, but remember that all visitors/travellers are required to pre-register their passports at

Indonesian citizens returning to the country via Bali who wish to use the autogates do not need to conduct any pre-registrations.

If you need to purchase a Visa On Arrival at the Bali airport upon arrival, you’re not eligible to use the autogates. Please queue to have your passport stamped by an Immigration officer.

How To Use The Autogates At The Bali Airport

Bali airport autogates
  1. Wait in line behind the yellow line in a single file.
  2. Watch the red light on the autogate in front of you. Once it turns green, proceed into the gate.
  3. Stand on the yellow sticker, which reads “Stand here.”
  4. Place your passport on the scanner and wait for the data processing to complete.
  5. Look at the screen while the system takes your photo and scans your passport.
  6. If successful, the gate in front of you will open, and you can proceed. If it fails, repeat the entire process or wait for instructions from a staff member nearby.
Bali airport autogates

Once you’ve cleared the autogates, you will receive an electronic notification in your email as proof that you’ve successfully cleared immigration and are now in Indonesia.

Click here to watch a video by the Indonesian Immigration on how to use the autogates.

Important Point To Note:

When using the autogates at the Bali airport, be sure you’ve removed your passport cover as well as your headwear (caps and hats), glasses, sunglasses, masks, etc.

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