Covid Update 10. October 2020

Family Reunion Temporary Stay Visa (KITAS/KITAP) is now available for extension or application. This means you can soon reunite with your spouse and/or children if they have been outside of Indonesia throughout the pandemic.
If you have never applied for KITAS or a KITAP before, there will be plenty of steps to complete including a letter of application, sponsor letter, a bank statement that you have at least USD1500 in the bank, and many more. You’ll also have to navigate the Immigration’s online system which can really test your patience and slow your application process.
If you want your application to go fast and smoothly, then speak to us to find out how we can help! Just leave everything to us and all you have to do is collect your permits at the end of the process with a happy smile. No stress, no headaches and no going back and forth.
Do remember, if you already hold a KITAS, KITAP, Diplomatic Visa, Service Visa or a Diplomatic and Service Stay Permits, then you can re-enter Indonesia using these. Existing KITAS and KITAP can also be extended at your local immigration office.
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