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No Passport? Travel Documents You Can Use To Enter Bali

No passport? No problem! Did you know that you can enter Bali, Indonesia with a valid travel document even though you aren’t holding a valid passport? You’ll need to apply for a Visa before you try to enter Indonesia but you should be able to do so if you have any of the following documents:

Laissez Passer

A permit or official document authorizing someone to enter a specific area or travel through a particular region. It acts like a temporary passport, allowing passage for specific purposes.

Titre de Voyage (TDV)

A travel document issued to people who can’t get a regular passport from their own country. There are two main reasons someone might need a TDV:

  • Refugee Status: If someone is recognized as a refugee by a country they are residing in, that country can issue them a TDV based on the 1951 Refugee Convention. This allows them to travel internationally.
  • Statelessness: If someone is stateless, meaning they are not considered a citizen of any country, they may be issued a TDV by a country they are in based on the 1954 Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons.

Travel Document

Documents issued by governments or international organizations that allow someone to travel internationally. It’s not a specific type of document like a Titre de Voyage or Laissez-passer. It can be issued by a national government, international organization, or even some territories with limited self-governance, and serves as proof of identity and nationality (or residency status) for travel purposes.

Document of Identity

Proves your identity and nationality (or residency) for immigration purposes. It may or may not be valid for international travel. Documents of Identity include National Identity Card, Resident Identity Card, Military ID and Limited Purpose ID.

Certificate of Identity

Issued by a government to people residing within their borders who cannot obtain a regular passport from their home country. There are two main reasons someone might hold a Certificate of Identity including:

  • Statelessness: If someone is stateless, meaning they are not considered a citizen of any country, they may be issued a Certificate of Identity by the country they are currently in. This document allows them to travel internationally under the issuing country’s authority.
  • Limited Passport Eligibility: In some cases, even citizens of a country might be issued a Certificate of Identity instead of a regular passport.

Alien Passport

Used to refer to a passport issued by a country to someone who is not a citizen of that country. This essentially means a passport for foreigners

Alien Travel Document

Also called a certificate of identity, is issued by a country to foreigners residing within their borders, typically for people who can’t get a passport from their home country, such as refugees or stateless people.

Emergency Travel Document/Temporary Passport

A temporary passport issued to citizens abroad in urgent situations. It allows you to return to your home country if your regular passport is lost, stolen, damaged, expired, or unavailable.

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