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Indonesia Investor KITAS Update 2024

Planning to apply for an Investor KITAS here in Bali, Indonesia?

It’s important to note that the Indonesian government has implemented important changes to the Investor KITAS (Stay Permit) programme. These changes were implemented in November 2023 and aim to attract high-quality investments and support Indonesia’s economic growth.

To apply for an Investor KITAS, you will need the following:

  • At least IDR 10 billion as the minimum share in your company
  • At least IDR 15 billion if you plan to convert from a KITAS to a KITAP in the future. You’re eligible for a KITAP after 4 years of holding an Investor KITAS.

If you already have an Investor KITAS and are planning to review your KITAS or get a KITAP in the future, please make sure that you make changes to your company’s documents and shares before December 2024.

What is an Investor KITAS?

An Investor KITAS is a type of residence permit or visa designed for foreign investors who want to invest in or establish a business in Indonesia. It allows them to live and legally manage their business operations within the country.

Key changes taking place in the requirements for the Investor KITAS programme include the following:

  • Increased Investment Threshold: Previously set at IDR 1 billion, the minimum authorized capital for companies seeking Investor KITAS is now IDR 10 billion. This applies to both new and existing companies.
  • Deadline for Existing Companies: If your company already operates in Indonesia with an Investor KITAS, you have until December 2024 to adjust your share capital and company documents to comply with the new requirements. This ensures continued eligibility for KITAS renewals and future KITAP applications.

These updates signify the government’s focus on attracting larger, impactful foreign investments.

Benefits of an Investor KITAS

Multiple entry visa: Travel freely in and out of Indonesia, fostering seamless business operations and personal exploration.

Extended stay: Enjoy a 1-year or 2-year visa with renewal options, providing stability and long-term planning potential.

Sponsor family: Extend the benefits to your dependents, fostering personal well-being and a supportive environment.

Driver’s license: Obtain a local driver’s license for convenient transportation and exploration.

Loan opportunities: Access non-consumptive loans in Indonesia, potentially supporting further business ventures.

Please remember that you’re not allowed to work outside of your own company with an Investor KITAS.

Requirements for an Investor KITAS

  • Company: Minimum authorized capital of IDR 10 billion (increased from 5 billion in 2023), with 25% paid up.
  • Personal Shares: IDR 1 billion minimum in a PMA company and hold Director/Commissioner title.
  • Individual Investor: IDR 1.125 billion minimum in personal shares (no work authorization).
  • Company: Registered and operational in Indonesia.
  • Other requirements: Valid passport, clean criminal record, health insurance, proof of financial stability.



  • Valid passport (minimum 18 months validity for 1-year KITAS)
  • Recent color passport photo (3x4cm, white background)
  • Personal bank statement demonstrating financial stability
  • Proof of accommodation in Indonesia
  • Health insurance coverage


  • Company deed of establishment and any amendments
  • Ratification from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MoLHR)
  • Decree from the Ministry for Legalization of the Articles of Association
  • Articles of Association and any latest amendments
  • Business Identity Number (NIB) and Operational License
  • Company Tax ID (NPWP) and KSWP (Keterangan Status Wajib Pajak)
  • Company bank statement showing recent transactions
  • Letter of Company Domicile (SKTU)
  • Recent LKPM Report (Quarter Business Activity Report)
  • Passport and ITAS of the Director OR KTP / Identity Card of Local Manager/Director

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